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Outlaws4x4 Race Team

Building the Trophy Truck frame.

So as it turns out building the basic frame of the #TrophyTruck was probably the easy part of the build so far. However that is not to say it was a quick job. It still took months of planing. There are a few key things to remember when designing a frame. 1.Firstly it needs to comply to all the safety regulations of the governing bodies you wish to race it under. 2. It works really well if you design your frame around the body panels you are going to run, so you can limit the

Rear Trailing Arms

So initially when i started using #Fusion360 i stuck to drawing basic things to help get me use to the program. you would keep getting to a point where you would get stuck and have to look up the help tutorials on youtube to work though the problem. As you did this more and more you became more fluent with the program. I think the very first thing that i learnt to draw with Glen by my side coaching me though it was a link tab. once we mastered that we drew a link mount bracke

Everyone has dreams.

I have a dream of owning and racing a Trophy Truck. Now i know i kind of already had one but if we are being totally honest the 875 truck was far from a trophy truck. More like a 4wd with custom suspension and heaps of roll cage and tube to make it look cool! When i say i want to own a Trophy Truck i mean, Custom built Chromolly and billet alloy, Long travel suspension A-Arms, Huge long travel Trailing arms to take only the biggest of coil over and bypass shocks. Full space t

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