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  • Design consultant

  • We can assist you in your projects design to make sure you achieve  your design goals. 

  • Sometimes clients want to fabricate and build their projects themselves but don't have access to CAD software or a full understanding of suspension and steering geometry. We can help with giving you the information you need specific to your project so you can build it right the first time.

  • CAD  (Computer Aided Design)

  • .DXF Drawings for laser cutting processing.

    • If you have a sketch or drawing which you would like to be drawn in CAD as a .DXF file so it can be processed for laser cutting, we can help!​

    • We can also  take you folded sheet metal sketch or drawing and process it as a .DXF or .IGS file ready for Laser cutting and CNC  Plate bending.

    • 2D routing - Do you require CNC routing? we can process your sketch into a .DXF file for that also.

  • 3D CAD design of your parts for production.​

    • Do you have a idea for a part but want to see what it will look like in ​3D? We can also design parts like fuel tanks in sheetmetal function and process as a .DXF file ready for laser cutting and cnc bending.

    • CAD design can identify how much material which will be require for a particular part.

  • Tube and pipe bending and design.​

    • We have access to the latest tube,pipe and shs bending,cutting and design software.

    • We can take your design and process it within the software to determine the amount of tube,pipe or shs will be required ​.

    • If you dont have a bender no problem. We can process your design into a weld together kit. we can supply cut and bent lengths ready for you to notch and assemble, all based off your design.

  • Fabrication

  • One off jobs or production, we have you covered.

  • Welding 

    • TIG​ 

    • MIG

  • Pipe, tube and shs bending​

  • Repairs

  • Sheetmetal assembly

  • Sheetmetal Dimple Dies

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