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Fire Extinguisher brackets

So one thing which gets over looked until its too late are your fire extinguisher brackets. i know i thought the stainless steel band bracket and the steel push in bracket where fine for holding the fire extinguishers. Why would they be??? they came with the extinguishers after all.

Flying 2kg Fire Extinguishers.

Well as it turns out, during a crash or a high speed impact the standard fire extinguisher mounts are not good for much at all. As you can see in the picture sequence above both of our 2kg extinguishers left the cab during our flip with a twist. What you cant see in this picture but you can see in the high res pictures is that the extinguishers where flying around the cab first. now if one of those hit you in the head im sure your going to feel it and probably wake up with a headache the next day.

The other thing which we found was after your crash and your dazed from the impact and people start running at you telling you that you need to get out because there is a possible fuel leak, like anyone your first thought is to SAVE the Race truck! and the second thought is grab the extinguishers and be at the ready. Well this is exactly what happen to us, except when we went to grab the extinguishers, well they weren't there and couldn't be found.....

Luckly for us our possible fuel leak was only a water leak from the crushed radiator so the extinguishers where not required. however this situation has lead me to design a Fire extinguisher mount which will hold up in a crash so your fire extinguishers are where you left them, when you need them.Designed with a mechanical pin which needs to be removed before the extinguisher can be removed for use.

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