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Trophy Truck build is not going to plan!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

It's easy to look at the above picture and think "Everything is going great!" Oh how that could not be further from the truth.

No matter how much pre-planing you do something will always pop up and send you sliding backwards like a bad roll of the dice in the game 'Snakes and ladders'. For me the biggest hurdle was getting shocks. I ordered the shocks mid 2018 and was told to expect a 10-12 week wait, no problem as i never expected that getting custom made shocks was going to be done any quicker. However i started to wonder if the shocks were ever going to come when everyone else was opening up their presents on Christmas morning and i was left frustrated waiting for some answers.

Up until this point i had been finishing off all i could while i waited for the big 4.0 custom built Fox shocks to arrive. I needed the shocks to complete the front shock mounts as the available space was so little that it could not be done without some kind of dummy setup and unfortunately their are not too many people with 4" shocks let alone 4" shocks who would lend you a set to moch up your suspension points. So the waiting game continued.

Just over 6 months past and finally the day i had been waiting for came and the giant shocks arrived! It was a huge moment one which had been exaggerated by the extended wait time, but now it was time to get stuck in and get the front shock mounts finished off.

I however had lost a lot of interest i had lost the urge waiting around so long had made me feel beaten and i was feeling pretty over it all.

I pressed on and got the shock mounts finished off and little by little the fire inside me grew as ticking off all the little jobs left became a daily accomplishment.

It wasn't long before it was time to do the final tare down and final weld out of the underside of the frame.

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